My own family’s struggles with poor digestive health, metabolic dysfunction and allergies and sensitivities, started me on the path of teaching others how to regain their bodies optimal health. Upon my daughter’s entry into school, we soon discovered that her poor metabolic health was detrimentally affecting her cognitive functioning and therefore greatly affecting her ability, to successfully perform in school. Heart broken, I avidly researched and furthered my professional training, to develop dietary solutions, to improve her life. The results were tremendous and life-changing! Her digestive and metabolic health improvements have in turn positively affected her abilities to learn with the result that her attention and concentration abilities have increased, allowing her to perform to her potential; while her previous anxiety is no longer holding her back!

Armed with the wisdom gained, from these early experiences,  I have been able to help other patients, family members and even myself, in using individualized and targeted nutrition practices, to strengthen, metabolic weaknesses. Helping people overcome chronic health conditions is not only, incredible beyond words, but inspired me to help others with answers to their own health issues. I love my job!